When I talk about beauty with my friends, something that always comes up is healty skin. What we do, which products we use and our honest experiences about the new products we tried. One obsession that I share with one friend: french pharmacies. When we were in Paris, we almost entered every pharmacy on our way, it is quite a different experience. My favourite became the Citypharma, everytime I enter I feel like Alice in Wonderland. It has a huge range of french products and well trained and helpful staff that will assist you with anything, so if they offer to help, just let them. Since my first journey to Paris, I have returned many times and I still get excited about going to the pharmacy.

So when it comes to skincare routine everyone and every day is different. I have a combination skin and tend to have blemishes, sometimes I have a good skin day and sometimes I just don't. These are some french pharmacy products that have worked for me. All of the products were less than 20€, but keep in mind that each pharmacy can have different prices.

 All over France are this little pharmacies marked by a glowing green cross. They don't look so glamouros from the outside, but behind the doors is skin-care heaven and the secret weapons for that enviable French skin. Once you step into it, there is a huge range of beauty products: Vichy, Bioderma, Caudalie, Avène... you name it. So whenever I am in France, I talk with the staff and about what's new and bring home some new products to try at home. I also stock up on my favourite products, during my last shopping trip I saved about 100€. 

I usually never leave the house without SPF even during dark winter days. 
75% of skin aging is due to environmental factors and UV rays. By using a
 high SPF every day I try to diminish the potentially effects of UV rays. 
Around 10€.

This is the best make-up remover! I have been using it for years and I still love it. 
It is unscented, gentle, doesn't dry your skin or sting. It is perfect when you are experimenting with several make-up looks, you can use it over and over without leaving the skin irritated. Around 8€.

 What I love about this cream is that moisturizes the skin and feels light. The 
cream hydrates immediately and cools the skin. It doesn't lay on top of your 
skin taking forever to absorb. Since it is Biafine, it repairs the skin day by day.
 Around 10€.

 This Sérum is a intense moisturizer for very dry skin. I don't use this Sérum 
as often, because my skin doesn't need so much hydration. I usually 
use it when my skin gets super dry in winter or when I am flying. 
This also feels light and does not lay on top of your skin. 
Around 15€.

Zeniac LP Fort worked mirracles for me. It keeps my blemishes and 
breakouts under control. It leaves a matte finish, I usually use it under 
my powder. There is also another version Zeniac LP, it is less strong. 
Around 10€.

I use the Rosaliac UV Legere usually when my face is little redish.  
Cream has a greenish colour. For my skin the Legere Version is hydrating 
enough, since it leaves my skin a little shiny. It also has a 15SPF. 
Around 15€. 

Biafine is one of the best kept secrets by the french. So far it is only available in France. I discovered it about ten years ago and it has been one of my favourite beauty products ever since. It is used for sunburns, bumps and scratches. So whenever I go on holiday, Biafine is my constant companion. I sometimes also use it as a mask or cream, because I tend to believe it helps the skin to heal. So whenever I am in France I stock up on Biafine.
Depending on size between 2€-4€. 

I always love to have a water spray. It is an amazing refresher on hot days and 
it helps to calm down irritated skin. I know that many make-up artists also use it to 
set make-up. Depending on size 2€-7€.

This product is one of a kind. I have never found anything like it. It is 
like a handcream, but for your hair. You can use it after having washed 
your hair or on dry hair during the day. What I love about is, that it 
doesn't leave your hair oily like other products. I also take it with me on 
a plane, so my hair also gets hydrated. Around 8-10€.

Sometimes a girl needs a little lift. This Volume Spray is a heat-actived root lifter. 
It creates fullnes and bounce without feeling stiff or dry. 
Price 10-12€.

This lip balm is another longtime favourite. What I love about it is, that it leaves the lip matte. I use it before applying lipstick. It is small and cute and fits every bag perfectly. 
Price is around 8€.

In the end a woman's beauty routine should not be a reminder of one's flaws. A beauty routine should give a woman pleasure and she should enjoy the time she spents with herself. Because if you feel good about yourself and you are happy, it will also show on your beautiful face!

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