16 July 2017



When my boyfriend and I picked Vietnam for our next travel destination, I was excited and also not sure what to expect. We decided to cut winter short and to go in December for two weeks. My personal missions were to explore the asian beauty products and the food! I will cover the results of the two missions in upcoming posts. I tried to do some research upfront and read some experiences of other travellers, but my own experience turned out to be quiet different...

We tried to travel as light as possible so we shared one suitcase and one carry-on baggage and it worked fine. I usually take my beloved Belle (my Canon Camera) everywhere I travel, but my boyfriend suggested it might not be safe enough, so I left Belle at home. Which I did regret the entire trip, since it was perfectly safe and I didn't feel unsafe at any point of the trip. So all the pictures were just taken with our old cell phones:( 

We traveled from Frankfurt to Ho-Chi-Minh City with a stopover in Beijing. Since we had a layover of 9hrs we thought about visiting the Forbidden City. We never made it to the Forbidden City...

Unfortunately our flight was 2hrs delayed. At arrival we talked to some locals and they said it takes like 2hrs to get to the Forbidden City. Taking a taxi or going by public transportation doesn't really make a difference due to rush hours. Depending on your passport getting a Transit Visa is easy, but waiting time can be like an hour. After having been there, I would say a layover of 12hrs or more is the best way to visit the Forbidden City. I think one could make it also in less than 12hrs, but considering one has to walk through the airport, through controls, get a Visa, exchange money, find the right way, wait for transport and being back on time to make it to your connecting flight... It really can turn out to be stressful. 

Having had enough time to explore the Beijing airport, it is quite impressive. It accommodates a huge fountain and a chinese pavillon with a pond. You have plenty of options to buy traditional chinese souvenirs like tea, ornaments, food and little fun gadgets.

After our arrival in Ho-Chi-Minh City we started to explore the city by foot. Since I am fond of walking it didn't bother me at all. Honestly, I wouldn't know any other way to explore the city. I didn't see any public transportation, only millions and millions of scooters. You can rent a scooter if you like, but driving in that traffic between all the other scooters is certainly a challenge, for me just crossing a regular street was adventurous enough. Naturally we did see most of the sights that lonely planet or other guides will tell you about, but what I loved most is to walk around, get lost and just get the vibe of the city. 

A summer essential: my fan! I took my favourite one with me and of course forgot it in the park. I bought a new one shortly after, there are plenty to find in the market. The market is certainly one of the places to see and buy a coconut from.

Having a Khalessi Game of Thrones moment. I always wished for a Dragon. 



After a day in Hoh-Chi-Minh City and beeing well enough rested from the flight. I was eager to see more of the country and the culture. We decided to make a day trip to Mekong Delta and Mekong Delta River. The brochure we got sounded very nice and so did the things we googled about it. The Mekong Delta area is an important one and has a lot of history. 

Misguided by the reviews and the beautiful instagram pictures, I thought it would be the perfect chance to see a less crowded and quiet side of the country. See how locals live and work, see the swimming markets, see the nature of the country. I have to admit that I had a lot of expectations and I was super excited. 

We thought it is nice to have an organised trip and you don't have to worry about getting lost, especially in a region where they barely speak any English. If you have enough time, patience and you are in an adventurous mood, you should try to visit the Mekong Delta without a group. I think this is when you make the real Mekong Delta experience.

We were picked up at our Hotel in the morning. Eventhough our guide was nice, his english was not so good and I barely understood a word he was sayingAfter an hour drive we took a break at what I would call "Souvenir Central". While the others of our group spent the time souvenir shopping, I spent the break exploring the surroundings (as you can see on the left).

Our next stop was the Vinh Trang Temple. The Bố Đại statue is one of the biggest I have seen so far. The garden of the temple is very beautiful and one of the few highlights of this trip. 

     I loved the temple and all the vivid colours. There are still monks living in the temple. Driving through Mekong Delta our guide didn't really tell us much about the region, or the temple we visited, which was a shame. It would have been nice to hear the history or local storys while beeing there, instead of: here is a temple... I had to research about what I had seen afterwards. 

2 hours later we had arrived. We took a boat to get to the island where the coconut candy was made. It was already very crowded and a lot of tourist were gathered around women packing the coconut candy. I had been excited to see how the coconut candy was made, but watching tired women pack the coconut candy, as fast as they can so the tourists could buy it, was somehow just sad. 

Next we went to do the famous boat trip of Mekong Delta River. I had seen the cute and romantic pictures on instagram and that's what I had in mind, but reality looked quite different. Honestly, I was shocked! There were hundreds and hundreds of boats, it was so crowded that you could barely see any water. Looking around I saw tourists with disbelieve and shock on their faces. I was glad when the boat tour was over.

After tipping our "Captain" we went to see some local women sing their folk music and had some fruits. After also tipping the singers, we went on a carriage ride for like 400m (I could have also walked that distance). At arrival we were shown the bee farm and were offered the honey tee. The honey tee was very nice and of course there were ambitious sales women, ready to sell the honey. We had to drink up, since the next tourist group was already waiting. 

Due to bad organisation and no communication some of us got lunch, some of us didn't. Well, of course I would have loved to have tried the local food, but having been very fortunate in my life, I was fine by missing meal and obviously I survived.

Looking back at the trip, I wonder if it would have been better to do a two day trip. This way it was a packed schedule and it left me puzzled in the end of the day. 



At the end of the tour we were dropped of at Phung Island for 2hrs. The island was actually pretty cute, but there is not much to do besides souvenir shopping. So after we had explored the island, we got ourselves a coconut and just relaxed.

One of the things I loved: the Orchids hanging everywhere

We tried to make the most of the day and tried to enjoy ourselves anyway. Would I do it again? No! Would I recommend it? Depends. If you don't expect too much, it can be ok. Make sure to take enough cash with you, there is a lot of tipping and selling along the way. Many in our group complained about this and how they take advantage of the tourists. However in the end of the day these day trips and selling the local products to the tourists, is how the locals earn their living.


There are plenty of restaurants, bars and clubs in the city depending on what you want to do. One thing that I most certainly would recommend: A Sky bar! 
We went to the Air 360 Sky Bar. There was no entrance fee, but the beer was like 10€, but totally worth it since the view was just breathtaking and the party was pretty fun too. We  didn't research any bars, we just stepped out, looked up and chose a Sky Bar. What I loved in the middle of the winter: you could still walk around in light clothes and party like it is still summer. 

Upcoming posts: Phu Quoc and Hanoi

28 May 2017


Previously on "trying to buy a Pochette Métis": I tried to buy a Pochette Métis and I was on the waitlist since March. Two months later I was told that my Pochette Métis would not be ready until August. Read all about it here

A week after I had received the disappointing news, I got a call from Louis Vuitton: My bag is ready. Wait, what? But....Yeeeah! I didn't know why, but my bag was ready. I considered myself one of the lucky ones. A few days passed by and I finally received the package from France. 


Full of excitement I opened it and there she was... The bag that I longed for such a long time: 
my beloved Pochette Métis! 


But wait, what is that thing on my bag? Is it a bump, a bulge? Yes, it is... I couldn't believe it! There is a flaw on my Pochette Métis. What should I do, keep it anyway??? But I can't walk around with a Louis Vuitton bag and say: Yes, I paid 1.350€ for it and yes it is not perfectly made and has flaws. Eventhough it is a small flaw, I would always see it and it would always bother me. Besides it is not the point, to pay for quality and to receive a defect product. I couldn't help but wonder how is that even possible? Is there no quality inspection at Louis Vuitton? Is this a hand me down bag? Is this the reason I didn't had to wait until August? Is the demand for the bag so high that there is no time anymore for diligent work? Am I only paying for the brands name and expecting quality is too much to ask for?


After close examination I found that one side was also not perfectly made. Which I could actually live with, but the bump in the front... That is a clear no no for me. The bag was made in Italy.


I took pictures and sent it to the Customer Service. Of course there is no bag available in Europe to replace it with and I have to wait again at least for another 8 weeks. I asked what they will do with the one I am going to send back. I was told that it would be repaired. Wait a minute, you guys produce a poor quality bag, send it to customers, take it back, repair it and resell it again? Maybe I am beeing picky, but I don't want a repaired bag, I want to have a new one. I am even scared to get my new one, what if it also has flaws??? If I can't expect good quality and a good made quality bag from a luxury house, where am I supposed to shop? How much more am I supposed to spent?

Natuarally Customer Service was nice, but still all I got was a "sorry". Even though my bag has already been paid, I will have to wait for quite some time to get a new one. I am very disappointed and the entire process is just annoying. Shopping at a Luxury brand should be fun, it should be enjoyable, it should be one of a kind or special or something. Was I expecting too much? But waiting for more than 2 months for the bag, receive poor quality, send it back and wait again for another 2 months, just doesn't feel so luxurious. 

04 May 2017


The Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis was on my Shopping Wishlist for some time now. I finally wanted to treat myself with something nice, something exquisite. After putting some money aside for the Métis, I was ready to make my purchase and write a post about it. I already have a Louis Vuitton wallet, but it would be my first Louis Vuitton bag. 

Full of excitment I clicked on the Website, ready to buy. The Online Shop said, that I had to call the Customer Service in order to make my purchase. Hmm, okay: Calling the Customer Service. A nice lady told me, that the bag is super popular and that there is a waitlist and it would take around 3-4 weeks, sometimes just 2 weeks. Like most people I am not very fond of waiting, but 3-4 weeks maybe 2, were fine for me. This was in March.

While waiting for the bag, I thought I could do some research about the bag for my article (the story of the Pochette Métis and the inspiration behind it). So I wrote a mail to get in contact with the PR Department to get extra information. I got a general Bla Bla response from Customer Service, saying that I would get a call when my bag was ready.

Thank you?!?! But that was not my question... I guess it was very naive of me to think that the PR Department would actually get in contact with me... 

6 weeks passed by. No word from Louis Vuitton. Was I forgotten? I wrote another mail to Customer Service, to ask about my bag. No answer. A few days later I called Customer Service. I was told that I had to wait until August to get my bag and it is not even possible anymore to get on the waitlist... WOAW REALLY? How super annoying! It was supposed to be "only" 3-4 weeks and now it is 5 months! A Call from Louis Vuitton about the longer waiting time also would have been nice. 

I do understand that the demand for the Métis is very high at the moment and production is slow, but I am still sad and disappointed. At this point I am not sure if I will still want it in August, because waiting so long and feeling disappointed... There is nothing exquisite about it. 

14 April 2017


Perfume Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel Powder and Ladurée Macarons
Meeting new people I always find it dull to ask them the same questions everyone asks: where do you live, where do you work, how old are you? Therefore one of my favourite questions to ask people is: which famous person they would choose to meet and have dinner with. I think this question tells a lot about a person, what inspires them, 
what moves them and who they look up to.

Recently I was inspired by Eventbrite, to think about my favourite bloggers, who I would like to meet and have a panel with. There are many bloggers who have wowed me over the years. They inspired my blog, my style, my beauty routine and had a huge impact on my travel destination wishlist. It would be an astonishing experience to meet the bloggers that I have been following for so many years and therefore my dream panel of bloggers would be:

  • Gary Pepper Girl
    Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl (Sydney, Australia) has been one of my favourite bloggers for many years. I have been following her through her journeys, her personal life, her style development and fashion week experiences. She shares astonishing pictures on her social media accounts, which have always taken my breath away.
  • Sincerly Jules
    Julie Sariñana from Sincerly Jules (Los Angeles, USA) is that Darling from California. I adore her easy and comfy looks. I feel wanderlust when I see her beautiful travel pics... Please take me with you!
  • Jeanne Damas
    Jeanne Damas (Paris, France) is the Founder of Rouje and has that je ne sais quoi. I fell in love with her instantly, the red lips, her effortless chic and cool looks without trying to hard. She is a person I would love to have a glass of red wine with in the evening.
  • Miroslava Duma
    Miroslava Duma, also known as Mira Duma (Moscow, Russia) is the Founder of Büro 24/7 and one of the sweetest bloggers. I love her unique point of view and her colourful style. Since she is petite like me, I always find her ensembles inspiring for my own combinations. 

  • Questions I would ask these wonderful women:
    1. Where do you get your inspiration from?
    2. What was your most vivid experience?
    3. What was your biggest beauty/ fashion mistake?
    4. Something you would never do as a blogger.
    5. How do you buy a piece for your closet?
    6. How do you get dressed in the morning?
    7. How do you pack for a vacation?
    8. Which advice would you give to future bloggers?

    Louis Vuitton World Scarf

    This post got me thinking about how marvelous it would be to meet these woman in person and get the chance to talk to them and pick a part of their brain. We all live in different places of the world and have busy schedules, so it would be a challenge for us all to meet in one place at the same time. Maybe someday I will get the chance to meet them and if that day comes, I will definetly post about it!

    If you are planning a conference or event in you area, check out the Eventbrite event registration: https://www.eventbrite.com/l/registration-online/

    07 March 2017


    When I talk about beauty with my friends, something that always comes up is healty skin. What we do, which products we use and our honest experiences about the new products we tried. One obsession that I share with one friend: french pharmacies. When we were in Paris, we almost entered every pharmacy on our way, it is quite a different experience. My favourite became the Citypharma, everytime I enter I feel like Alice in Wonderland. It has a huge range of french products and well trained and helpful staff that will assist you with anything, so if they offer to help, just let them. Since my first journey to Paris, I have returned many times and I still get excited about going to the pharmacy.

    So when it comes to skincare routine everyone and every day is different. I have a combination skin and tend to have blemishes, sometimes I have a good skin day and sometimes I just don't. These are some french pharmacy products that have worked for me. All of the products were less than 20€, but keep in mind that each pharmacy can have different prices.

     All over France are this little pharmacies marked by a glowing green cross. They don't look so glamouros from the outside, 
    but behind the doors is skin-care heaven and the secret weapons for that enviable French skin. Once you step into it, 
    there is a huge range of beauty products: Vichy, Bioderma, Caudalie, Avène... you name it. So whenever I am in France, 
    I talk with the staff and about what's new and bring home some new products to try at home. I also stock up on my 
    favourite products, during my last shopping trip I saved about 100€. 

    I usually never leave the house without SPF even during dark winter days. 
    75% of skin aging is due to environmental factors and UV rays. By using a
     high SPF every day I try to diminish the potentially effects of UV rays. 
    Around 10€.

    This is the best make-up remover! I have been using it for years and I still love it. 
    It is unscented, gentle, doesn't dry your skin or sting. It is perfect when you are experimenting
    with several make-up looks, you can use it over and over without leaving the skin irritated.
    Around 8€.

     What I love about this cream is that moisturizes the skin and feels light. The 
    cream hydrates immediately and cools the skin. It doesn't lay on top of your 
    skin taking forever to absorb. Since it is Biafine, it repairs the skin day by day.
     Around 10€.

     This Sérum is a intense moisturizer for very dry skin. I don't use this Sérum 
    as often, because my skin doesn't need so much hydration. I usually 
    use it when my skin gets super dry in winter or when I am flying. 
    This also feels light and does not lay on top of your skin. 
    Around 15€.

    Zeniac LP Fort worked mirracles for me. It keeps my blemishes and 
    breakouts under control. It leaves a matte finish, I usually use it under 
    my powder. There is also another version Zeniac LP, it is less strong. 
    Around 10€.

    I use the Rosaliac UV Legere usually when my face is little redish.  
    Cream has a greenish colour. For my skin the Legere Version is hydrating 
    enough, since it leaves my skin a little shiny. It also has a 15SPF. 
    Around 15€. 

    Biafine is one of the best kept secrets by the french. So far it is only available in France. I discovered it about ten years 
    ago and it has been one of my favourite beauty products ever since. It is used for sunburns, bumps and scratches. 
    So whenever I go on holiday, Biafine is my constant companion. I sometimes also use it as a mask or cream, 
    because I tend to believe it helps the skin to heal. So whenever I am in France I stock up on Biafine.
    Depending on size between 2€-4€. 

    I always love to have a water spray. It is an amazing refresher on hot days and 
    it helps to calm down irritated skin. I know that many make-up artists also use it to 
    set make-up. 
    Depending on size 2€-7€.

    This product is one of a kind. I have never found anything like it. It is 
    like a handcream, but for your hair. You can use it after having washed 
    your hair or on dry hair during the day. What I love about is, that it 
    doesn't leave your hair oily like other products. I also take it with me on 
    a plane, so my hair also gets hydrated. 
    Around 8-10€.

    Sometimes a girl needs a little lift. This Volume Spray is a heat-actived root lifter. 
    It creates fullnes and bounce without feeling stiff or dry. 
    Price 10-12€.

    This lip balm is another longtime favourite. What I love about it is, that it leaves the lip matte. 
    I use it before applying lipstick. It is small and cute and fits every bag perfectly. 
    Price is around 8€.

    In the end a woman's beauty routine should not be a reminder of one's flaws. A beauty routine should give a woman pleasure and she should enjoy the time she spents with herself. Because if you feel good about yourself and you are happy, it will also show on your beautiful face!

    22 January 2017


    As a new year begins, I can't help but thinking about my next closet clear-out. This is the time I usually take the chance to go over my closet and think about what I did wear the past year and think about who I am and if some of my pieces are still me. For the record this is not another minimalism article about how you only need 10 pieces with a pinterest picture of a tidy hanging rack against a white wall. This is about what feels right and what works for you. Personally, I love playing with different styles and silhouettes depending on my mood. I like having a good selection in my closet, but I also dislike owning too much and loosing track of my pieces.
    When I first started my journey a few years ago, I had a lot and I mean really a lot of stuff. And of course I had... because I never sorted anything out before. So there were my teenage clothes and all kinds of things that I collected the past 10 years which I never use. Getting rid of my old things felt really good, it was like cleansing the soul and freeing yourself from a burden. A new ritual was born: the wardrobe clear-out! For me the story of the wardrobe is a never ending one, even today I am constantly editing down my wardrobe, but also the ones of family and friends! Here are my personal experiences about wardrobe clear-outs and my guidelines towards a more organised closet:


    The whole process of clearing-out usually starts long before the clothes even enter your closet: Shopping Mistakes. Mistakes are part of the process and I have certainly learned from mine. Many mistakes are often made during sale season, we have all been there... Loosing all logical thinking and getting sucked into the wonderland of the red SALE signs, thinking: uuh it is so cheap, I am going to save so much money! But sometimes you end up buying clothes that don't really fit, don't look good, is not for your current lifestyle or you simply buy too much things you don't really need. These are the pieces that will disappear into the black hole of your closet and will never be seen again on your body. You should buy pieces thoughtfully and always ask yourself: Is it my size? Do I feel fabulous in it? What is the quality? Do I really need it? Is it for my current lifestyle? If you find your beloved item you have been pining for all the time on sale and you get to save money, then perfect! But if you buy something on sale and you end up never wearing it, it is just waste of your money, energy and time in the future.


    With Award season, we get to see all the beautiful red carpet gowns and who wouldn't love to wear Chanel or Christian Dior Haute Couture. Even as a little girl I loved those glamouros gowns and elegant high heels. As I grew older the shopping trips of the "things I'll never wear, because I am not going to the oscars" began. Buy for your current lifestyle and not for the one you wish you had... This was a hard lesson learned for me and of course I am still a sucker for beautiful gowns and high heel sandals, but I have sorted out many of mine. Because no normal beeing needs ten oscar worthy evening gowns and hundreds of sandals (unless you lead a Sex and the City kind of life). Living in Germany winter can be very long and cold and having tons of summer sandals are not really practical, because you just don't get to wear them so often. Now, I invest in good winter jackets and stylish boots instead, which I wear frequently. So don't repeat my mistakes! Be practical. If you buy the majority of your pieces for a fantasy version of your life instead of the reality, you'll end up wondering why you have nothing to wear. Think about what your regular day or week looks like and what the seasons are like in your city. Invest in stylish and classic pieces that you will wear a lot. Make it work for your current lifestyle.


    For some people letting go is very hard and they make all kinds of excuses to keep their someday clothes. I bet some of the "Someday Clothes" still have their price tags on them. So pour yourself a glass of wine and be ruthless when you edit! We all know the little lies we tell ourselves: 

    - Someday I will fit into them
    - Someday I will find an ocassion to wear it
    - Someday it will be trendy again
    - Someday I might find something to combine it with

    Maybe you bought a super beautiful piece on sale, but it never was your size. Maybe you have lost or gained some weight and some pieces don't fit anymore. Maybe the piece doesn't really flatter your body type. Maybe you are still waiting for that right moment to wear it. Throw out what you don't wear!!! If you haven't been wearing a piece in a long time for whatever reason, what makes you think you will wear it in the future? So ask yourself: When was the last time I wore that piece? Did I ever wear it? Is it my size? Does it look good on me? Also do not keep pieces for sentimentel reasons. Clothes you onced loved and have many great memories with (your jeans from highschool) or that piece you paid a fortune for (that trendy jacket you've never worn). Just let go of the pieces you don't wear, I promise you won't miss them.

    If you have to wear similiar pieces to work, because there is a certain style or uniform required. Fair enough. Also having found a piece that you are crazy about is great. Some maybe even buy the exact same piece twice, because they love it so much and also wear it until it falls apart. But what about the ones you maybe don't wear? Do you really need the same dress in all colours or the same 20 black t-shirts? Do you really wear them all? What was it that compelled you to buy these things when you already had nearly the same piece in your closet? Did you forget about the other pieces? Also keep in mind, that if you buy similiar pieces, it is a serious long term commitment in fashion. After all your personal style and taste will evolve and who knows where you will be in five years from now. So lay all your clone clothing out and pick out your favourites and the ones you actually wear and let go of the others you don't wear.

    How do you want to create that fabulous outfit, if you can't see what you own? If you don't see it, you are not going to wear it. Spending some money on a sytem and beeing organised can also save you some time in the morning. Personally I would loooove to have a fancy walk into closet... who wouldn't? But I simply don't have that space or the budget for it. So I make the most of the space and budget I have. Most of my boxes and organising tools are from Ikea and Zara Home and I love them, they organise my clothes, accessories and Make-up. Create your own System and think about what works for you.

    After you have cleared out your closet, think about what to do next with your clothes. Maybe you can give some of it to your friends (so it stays in the family), some you can give to goodwill, but some you can resell and still make some money. Nowadays you have many options to resell your items, so you can think about which way suits you. The three ways that I sell my clothes are traditional fleamarkets, Consignment Shops and Online. Have in mind that reselling your clothes is time consuming and it might take some time until pieces are sold, therefore the process can also be annoying. This is why I recommended buying pieces thoughtfully in the beginning.

    As you can see on the right I sell my clothes on the platform Mädchenflohmarkt, which is a german based second hand online shop for more valuable pieces. The good side about selling online is, that you can do it throughout the whole year and it is more likely to achieve a higher sales profit. The downside is, that it is very time consuming... Taking good pictures, writing descriptions and answering questions from potential buyers, taking the sold items to the post office. There are services that will do all the work for you, for a higher comission, of course. Another aspect is that it can take some time until your pieces are sold, which means your pieces still take up space somewhere.

    In my experience the following sell well online:
    - Designer and brand clothes
    - Dresses and skirts
    - Items with a price tag on

    What I love about fleamarkets, your buyers come to you and the selling process is much faster, because you sell more things in a shorter time period. The downside here is, that it is seasonal and due to bargain mentality your profit is not as high as selling online. So if you are happy about a little profit and just want your things to be gone, this way is for you. Having a friend doing it with you is the best way. You can chat and drink coffee and it never actually feels like work.

    What I would sell on the fleamarket:
    - Vintage
    - Pieces from retail stores
    - Pieces that are not as valuable
    Reselling t-shirts for a 1€ online, will take a lot of time and will therefore not be worth the effort for such a little profit. Also your buyers will not be so tempted due to shipping costs. You will have better chances on a fleamarket, you can offer deals like 3 for 2.

    This is another possibility to sell some of your clothes. What I love about it, a store is selling it for you and you can take your clothes during winter time. The downside is, since other people are doing the work for you, your profit will not be as high. Which is fair enough, since the store has all kinds of costs.

    These are my personal experiences with clearing-out a closet and ways to approach it that have worked for me. The entire process of clearing-out was very time consuming, but it was all worth it in the end. For me it was also intersting to see how much I had evolved and learned about myself. Over the past years I have sorted out many many many pieces. I have never looked back and I have never missed a single piece!