28 May 2017


Previously on "trying to buy a Pochette Métis": I tried to buy a Pochette Métis and I was on the waitlist since March. Two months later I was told that my Pochette Métis would not be ready until August. Read all about it here

A week after I had received the disappointing news, I got a call from Louis Vuitton: My bag is ready. Wait, what? But....Yeeeah! I didn't know why, but my bag was ready. I considered myself one of the lucky ones. A few days passed by and I finally received the package from France. 


Full of excitement I opened it and there she was... The bag that I longed for such a long time: 
my beloved Pochette Métis! 


But wait, what is that thing on my bag? Is it a bump, a bulge? Yes, it is... I couldn't believe it! There is a flaw on my Pochette Métis. What should I do, keep it anyway??? But I can't walk around with a Louis Vuitton bag and say: Yes, I paid 1.350€ for it and yes it is not perfectly made and has flaws. Eventhough it is a small flaw, I would always see it and it would always bother me. Besides it is not the point, to pay for quality and to receive a defect product. I couldn't help but wonder how is that even possible? Is there no quality inspection at Louis Vuitton? Is this a hand me down bag? Is this the reason I didn't had to wait until August? Is the demand for the bag so high that there is no time anymore for diligent work? Am I only paying for the brands name and expecting quality is too much to ask for?


After close examination I found that one side was also not perfectly made. Which I could actually live with, but the bump in the front... That is a clear no no for me. The bag was made in Italy.


I took pictures and sent it to the Customer Service. Of course there is no bag available in Europe to replace it with and I have to wait again at least for another 8 weeks. I asked what they will do with the one I am going to send back. I was told that it would be repaired. Wait a minute, you guys produce a poor quality bag, send it to customers, take it back, repair it and resell it again? Maybe I am beeing picky, but I don't want a repaired bag, I want to have a new one. I am even scared to get my new one, what if it also has flaws??? If I can't expect good quality and a good made quality bag from a luxury house, where am I supposed to shop? How much more am I supposed to spent?

Natuarally Customer Service was nice, but still all I got was a "sorry". Even though my bag has already been paid, I will have to wait for quite some time to get a new one. I am very disappointed and the entire process is just annoying. Shopping at a Luxury brand should be fun, it should be enjoyable, it should be one of a kind or special or something. Was I expecting too much? But waiting for more than 2 months for the bag, receive poor quality, send it back and wait again for another 2 months, just doesn't feel so luxurious. 

04 May 2017


The Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis was on my Shopping Wishlist for some time now. I finally wanted to treat myself with something nice, something exquisite. After putting some money aside for the Métis, I was ready to make my purchase and write a post about it. I already have a Louis Vuitton wallet, but it would be my first Louis Vuitton bag. 

Full of excitment I clicked on the Website, ready to buy. The Online Shop said, that I had to call the Customer Service in order to make my purchase. Hmm, okay: Calling the Customer Service. A nice lady told me, that the bag is super popular and that there is a waitlist and it would take around 3-4 weeks, sometimes just 2 weeks. Like most people I am not very fond of waiting, but 3-4 weeks maybe 2, were fine for me. This was in March.

While waiting for the bag, I thought I could do some research about the bag for my article (the story of the Pochette Métis and the inspiration behind it). So I wrote a mail to get in contact with the PR Department to get extra information. I got a general Bla Bla response from Customer Service, saying that I would get a call when my bag was ready.

Thank you?!?! But that was not my question... I guess it was very naive of me to think that the PR Department would actually get in contact with me... 

6 weeks passed by. No word from Louis Vuitton. Was I forgotten? I wrote another mail to Customer Service, to ask about my bag. No answer. A few days later I called Customer Service. I was told that I had to wait until August to get my bag and it is not even possible anymore to get on the waitlist... WOAW REALLY? How super annoying! It was supposed to be "only" 3-4 weeks and now it is 5 months! A Call from Louis Vuitton about the longer waiting time also would have been nice. 

I do understand that the demand for the Métis is very high at the moment and production is slow, but I am still sad and disappointed. At this point I am not sure if I will still want it in August, because waiting so long and feeling disappointed... There is nothing exquisite about it.