Once upon a time, in a far away land... There is a small city called Bruges. We went to Bruges in April and it reminded me of a fairytale. We stayed at the Hotel Bla Bla. The room was clean and nice. Located in the center of the city, we could walk everywhere. We didn't really plan much, we just wanted to walk around and enjoy ourselves. It was a perfect getaway for a charming weekend.

What to see

A must see are the colourful houses at the Grote Markt and have some famous belgium fries!

Carriages and the Provinciaal Hof

Yes, it was cold, but I was still having fun. Wearing H&M Coat, Zara Dress and Longchamp bag.

Belfry of Bruges

Walking through Bruges

Romantic like a fairytale

The Hotel and film location of the movie: In Bruges with Colin Farrell and Clémence Poésy.

A sea of beautiful Daffodils

Walking around in Ralph Lauren, Zara and H&M

Shoes, pants and leo bag from Zara
Jumper and Blazer from H&M
Jeans Shirt from Ralph Lauren

On Saturdays there is a small flea market along the Dijver.

One of personal highlights was the Madonna of Bruges, a sculpture by Michelangelo. Due to attacks on Michelangelo's Pieta, it was put behind bulletproof glas and you can only see it from a certain distance. 

What to eat

 Bruges is the hotspot for the Chocolatiers. There is one after another all around the city. 

The inside of one of the chocolate stores. Many of them also offer a tasting. Careful, you can get into a chocolate coma very fast.

You can make your own box or you can buy them already packed.

One of the most famous ones is: The Chocolate Line

Yes, they did win Gold. They also work with exquisite chefs and restaurants.

Chocolate in form of Sushi and Frogs

Beeing a Chocoholic I could not resist, I did buy one of the boxes

Window of The Chocolate Line

We had Dinner at the Gruuthuse Hof

Our dinner was really delicious and it is fair priced

Another big thing is of course: Beer. This is the beer wall of 2be

Any beer you want, you will find it here!

In the evening you can go to several places. This is Le Trappiste

What you really should do is Beer tasting! Since there is a huge range to select from, it is nice to try some different kinds.

Since the sea is very close by, we made a trip to the beach on our last day.

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