I know yet another blogger, taking pictures of their food. How original... However, for me the Vietnamese cuisine was part of the experience and therefore worth to be read about. At home I had been to Vietnamese restaurants several times, therefore I was looking forward eating my favourite dishes in it's native country. I also wanted try some new dishes, new spices and make new discoveries. Simply try things we don't have at home or cook in a different way. 

We have been to three places in Vietnam: Ho-Chi-Minh CityPhu Quoc and Hanoi. The food in Vietnam was just amazing and delicious just as I had hoped it would be. We basically had Pho every morning for breakfast (picture above). In Phu Quoc we ate a lot of fish and seafood with different spices. We drank a lot of coconuts and  fresh juices. One evening we took a break from Vietnamese cuisine and had a burger at Winston's Burgers and Beer. The owner was super nice and the burgers were really good. 

My favourite discovery during our trip was the jackfruit, I had never seen anything like it before. The first time I saw this ginormous fruit hanging on a tree was in Phu Quoc and I was curious what it was. Later we bought some in Hanoi and it was so delicious. It tasted a little bit like honeydew melon. 

This is what I love about traveling: I experience new things about the world, learn from other people and also learn a lot about myself.

At the Crab House in Phu Quoc
On a rainy day we decided to run the closest restaurant down the street. So we had burger to this amazing place:
Winston's Burger and Beer in Phu Quoc.

Food market in Hanoi
Jackfruit in Phu Quoc
A woman selling Jackfruit on the streets of Hanoi

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